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Golf Cart inventory changes daily.
Choose from a wide selection of Golf Carts.

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RM Golf Carts Showroom : Limos | Custom Carts | Club Car | EZ-GO | Used Carts

REAR Windows $83 +shipping
Used Golf Carts
Used Golfcarts

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Golf Cart with Lift Kit Hot Rod Golf Cart

2003 EZ-Go Elecric
with 5" Lift Kit
& 12" Low Profile Tires

2004 Electric
5" Lift Kit, 20" Wheels
with Aluminum Rims

Limo Golf Cart Limo Golfcart

Maroon 2003 PDS
Limo Golf Car

Cherry Red 2004 PDS
Limo Golf Car

Black Electric Golf Cart Stretch Limo Golf Cart

2004 Black Electric
Ride in Style

2004 Electric
Stretch Limo Golf Cart
Most Luxurious Ride

Bumblebee Golf Cart Gas Engine Golf Cart

2003 Electric Bumblebee

2004 Gas Engine

Red Devil Golf Cart Golf Cart Cargo Bed

1995 Electric Golf Cart
Little Red Devil

2004 Gas with Rear Seat
Opens Up to Cargo Bed

2004 Gas Golfcart Electric Golf Cart

2004 Gas Golfcart

2003 Electric Golf Cart

Electric Golfcart Cargo Box

The White Knight
2004 Electric Golfcart
Rear Seat, Windshield
Roof & SS Hubcaps

2004 Electric Golfcart
With Cargo Box for
all your hauling needs

Golfcart Cargo Bed Golf Cart with Headlights

2004 Electric Golf Cart
with Rear Seat

Also folds into a Cargo Bed

2004 Loaded w/ Windshield
Headlights to Light the Way

REAR Windows $83 +shipping

Ask about our one-of-a-kind towable golf carts with
storage capabilities beyond what you'd ever expect.


"It's a great day to own a Golf Cart!"
Call (763) 323-1970 for more info

Special of the Month: 2014

We Buy Used Golfcarts!

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RM Golf Carts Showroom : Limo Golfcarts | Custom Golf Carts | Club Car | EZ-GO | Used Carts