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4x4 Emergency Rescue Vehicles

RM Golf Carts has engineered a new type of custom 4x4 Emergency Rescue Vehicle (ERV) that can drive 45 MPH through woods, mountains, snow and shallow water. ERVs can be custom built and equipped to be used as ambulances, fire & rescue vehicles, military and municipal, city or state vehicles.

Municipalities, DNR, and resorts can use these custom 4x4s to rescue people who are stranded in the woods where ambulances cannot drive and helicopters cannot land. Patent-pending.

Call Mark: (763) 323-1970

Ask about Emergency Rescue Vehicles.

Ambulance Golf Carts for Emergency Rescue


4x4 Emergency Rescue Vehicles

4x4 Emergency Rescue Vehicles have many different capabilities. ERVs are off-road vehicles equipped as ambulances out in the field - even if the field is in the middle of the woods or up in the mountains. These gas or diesel 4x4s have all-wheel drive with the capability of driving 30-45 MPH and can be setup with rough-terrain tires or tank through snow on continuous tracks. Emergency Rescue Vehicles can even be equipped to run through 20"-22" of water.

Both of the front & rear FOPS/ROPS approved cabs have fluorescent interior lighting with air conditioning / heating installed, plus front & side sliding windows that open and close. Emergency Rescue Vehicles accommodate plenty of room for field equipment with underbody storage compartments on both sides.

We install custom emergency lighting with sirens, hydraulic systems (to run hydraulic chainsaws & other equipment), their own generator, and a wench. ERVs come standard with power steering, windshield wipers, turn signals, backup alarm, left & right side mirrors, and rear view mirror.

4x4 Emergency Rescue Vehicle Plans

Call Mark for More Information about
Emergency Rescue Vehicles

Office: (763) 323-1970

Cell: (763) 300-2411


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